Ughh. Computer is still updating

My blog and assignment was looking grim because Windows 10 was…doing another update. And apparently this update needed several weeks to really bed in. Fortunately after several restarts and a considerable length of time spent at 19% my computer caught up and we are back on track.

Now I need another excuse for not being productive.

I have a couple of days of the late shift happening this week so I am slightly out of synch with the day which means that I get myself bamboozled as to when I should take my lunch break and when an afternoon tea break fits in to the day. And my poor long suffering and fabulous husband ends up starving while waiting for me to get home for dinner.

This morning I realised with a sense of vague doom that my assignments are due a week apart. In my messed up head I had made an Assumption that they were a fortnight apart. On a positive this means that it will all be over quicker so big excitement for that.

I am still dithering on the topic of choice for my last children’s lit assignment. I am torn between censorship (because I discovered I felt a bit passionate about that topic in my last blog) and bibliotherapy because well… I don’t know anything about it and it sounds potentially interesting/kooky/mad as bat shit/fantastic.

If you do a quick Google search for it you discover that it comes up with a bunch of links to dictionary meanings, a few articles in the Guardian and the New Yorker and a website that offers sessions for bibliotherapy (called The School of life). Interestingly enough the School of Life bibliotherapists are discussed in the Guardian article so I felt I had gone full circle by the time I reached there.

The idea behind bibliotherapy is that books can  be used as a treatment for psychological or mental disorders (according to the Google dictionary) and according to the lecture notes it uses books to understand and potentially assist in helping to solve a problem or social issue. The idea sounds a bit intriguing with the potential for being completely condescending and dire in the same breath.

A quick hunt around the world of the internet (thanks Google) found lists of recommended books for various ‘issues’. Interestingly Rainbow Fish pops up on lists for books about social awareness and friendship and that book seems like a travesty to me. Give all your scales away so that everyone will be your friend?  Ughh.

On the more mature front is books about adoption, anxiety, bullying, depression, etc. And some of these seem pretty prescriptive, you know the sort: “look at the goat, he is worried but he talked to his mum and they decided he shouldn’t be worried. Now he is happy. The end”. And I can only wonder about the books about bullying because a) it is popular topic of conversation for society, b) books that are explicitly written for the purpose of helping young people cope with bullying have the real risk of being rubbish because c) bullying and responding to it is not simple and straight forward (and let’s face it, the old tell a teacher thing never ends well).

Maybe in the next 12 hours or so I will be inspired by a completely different topic (I am currently hiding from the idea of tackling inclusiveness- cultures, religions, races, disabilities…….. How to cover it all in a single oral presentation?????).

I am feeling seriously Guilty because I started this blog Thursday morning and am finally getting it done on Friday morning. Turns out that the late shift is not so productive in terms of study- the morning free time it taken up by boring housework and then the evening time is taken up by work and wham before you know it you’re off to bed, realising guiltily that you have let the whole blog/assignment writing side down.

Fingers crossed that today I will be way better organised and by 10 p.m. tonight I will be the proud owner of an assignment topic!

Yeah, I don’t really believe that either. But you never know.

Today and yesterday’s blog is brought to you by the letter…..errrr….T?

T is for The timewaster letters  by Robin Cooper, which I have just reserved from my local public library (honestly you should all head to yours and appreciate the marvel that is their collection and their fabulous hardworking staff, you will not be disappointed). After dealing with so many tough topics I feel the need to find something slightly more light to read as a palate cleanser, so thanks to the power of that search engine I found a list of humorous books recommended by some literary types (although the first book on the list was Catcher in the rye so potentially I have found a list slightly too upmarket for my current needs).

Image result for letters of a timewaster

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